Kaohsiung Lantern Festival, hosted by Kaohsiung City Government, is a large-scale celebration taking place during Chinese New Year (Lantern Festival included). In 2001, Taiwan Lantern Festival held along Kaohsiung Love River was the first lantern festival not held in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. Since then, Kaohsiung Lantern Festival has taken place annually as one of the three biggest lantern festivals, along with Taiwan Lantern Festival and Taipei Lantern Festival.

2017 Kaohsiung Lantern Festival lasts for 14 days, begins from 30th January (the 3rd day of the 1st lunar month) to 12th February (the 16th day of the 1st lunar month), which includes Chinese New Year holidays. In addition to the celebration held along Love River, there are three more lantern display areas in Cishan, Kangshan, and Fo Guang Shan. Kaohsiung Lantern Festival sparkles during Chinese New Year and attracts tourists from other cities and countries with the joyfulness atmosphere. The Lantern Festival takes advantage of the unique water front view of Love River and builds illuminating landscape and eye-catching fireworks theater by the river. Differed from other lantern festivals, Kaohsiung organizes a big parade with tens of thousands people, various splendid festooned vehicles, and performing teams. Kaohsiung Every year, Lantern Festival attracts hundreds of thousands of people to participate indicates Kaohsiung is the most glaring and happy city in Taiwan during Chinese New Year.

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