2017 Lucky (Wan-Lai) Rooster Lantern

“Lucky (Wan-Lai) Rooster” lanterns symbolize well-being, fortune, and prosperity. They are decorated with rich colors of carnival, bringing good luck and happiness to people throughout the whole year.

2/11(Sat) 18:00

Pick-up Locations

Intersections of Wufu Rd. and Dayong Rd., Wufu Rd. and Dajhih Rd., Wufu Rd. and Dacheng St.. Information desks at the intersections of Hesi Rd. & Wufu Rd., Hedong Rd. & Jhongjheng Rd..

Pick-up Rules

Each person receives 2 free lanterns by lining up.

A limited number of free lanterns are available on specific sites.
Come with your little lanterns to enjoy the wondrous light!

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